How crap marketing makes people dislike your brand

Washing up. It’s a bore. To deal with the tedium we’ve created a ‘Disco Kitchen’, which has revolutionised washing up at our place. Sadly, crap marketing messes with the experience. Here’s a short post about how dim-witted marketing might be damaging your brand.

In our house, washing up is great fun. We switch on the disco lights, find a fantastic House music mix on Ibiza Sonica radio, turn the speakers up as high as they’ll go, and work to a collection of splendid tunes. The only downside is the adverts. There we are, grooving away while we wash and dry, and an advert arrives… right in the middle of a tune.

Good grief.

This is not clever marketing. This is crap marketing. Who has decided that scheduling adverts mid-tune, never mind mid-mix, is a good way to engage listeners? If it was my brand being pushed in front of people half way through a track I’d be furious. It’s a brilliantly insensitive way to make people actively dislike your brand.

There’s more. You’ve probably noticed it happening mid-way through YouTube videos, too. What are these marketers thinking, if anything? How is it a good idea to interrupt someone’s experience with ads placed at what seems like random points within a video, which you have to get rid of before you carry on watching and which sometimes means you also lose part of the video. When the video re-starts you’ve missed out on a chunk of content. OK, you can back-track. But why should you?

If you do YouTube advertising, or advertise on a radio station, make sure you always put your audience first. Don’t alienate people by forcing them to listen to your ads while they’re trying to enjoy content. If you must advertise during a DJ set or video, do it at the start or the end. Not half way through the video or mid-way through a tune.

Lesson for amateur marketers: putting your consumer head on – and keeping it on – means you’ll be a lot less likely to make dodgy marketing decisions!

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