Hot marketing news for July 22nd

Some marketing-inspired bits and bobs, all handy for DIY digital marketers…

Tesco’s Facebook misery

Tesco has been at the sharp end of a Facebook campaign, suffering “mass complaints” because responders didn’t realise the offer was limited. Which goes to show how important it is to steer clear of small print, chuck out your caveats and make sure your message is CRYSTAL CLEAR!

Love is in the air – online and offline get their act together

Google and research firm Kantor are collaborating to develop a cross-media, single-source tool designed to help marketers and media planners understand consumer behaviour across TV and online media.

Ian Dowds, Vice President UK of Specific media, says it like it is

“Data on its own has little value…. Insight turns data into rocket fuel.”

Sean King, Chief Executive of Seven, bigs up integrated content strategies

“Companies should have a single view of content and make sure they distribute it across as many platforms as possible”. Well said!

BT brings back Buzby

Baby boomers are looking forward to the re-birth of BT favourite ‘Buzby’, the animated bird character that shot the company to advertising prominence in the mid to late ’70s.

Molson Coors releases girly beer

After three years of intense research Coors’ new Animee brand, a sparkling, finely filtered beer, is due for release this autumn. It’s been specifically designed to appeal to an untapped UK female beer drinking market apparently worth a massive £369M.

Marketing budgets were cut during the second quarter of 2011

But direct marketing spend increased. So it ain’t all bad out there.

Year on year mobile search volumes

Year on year mobile internet search volumes rose 216% in the three months to June. And Google’s second quarter revenue was up 32% compared to 2010.