Hod carrier, barmaid, sandwich maker, marketing manager…

Would you rather use a copywriter who doesn’t know a thing about the real world, or someone who’s had an exciting time discovering the varied world of work? Here’s how my work experience benefits your business. Whatever your business’s size, shape or flavour, I’ll bring empathy, understanding, and quite a lot of weird work experience to the party.

I left art college with no idea what to do. I just knew I couldn’t make a living out of art. The pressure to earn killed the joy. So I spent five years doing all sorts of jobs, being arty on the side.

I’ve spent happy times as labourer on a Brighton building site carrying bricks and lugging breezeblocks, ultimately offered a job as a trainee Surveyor on the M25. I’ve worked in a sandwich bar during the day and behind a bar at night. I’ve washed up in pubs and cafes, waited in restaurants and served beer for eight hour stretches at festivals. I’ve been a receptionist at a flying school and an assistant at a video marketing company. I have filed physical files and done data entry.

I’ve been employed in a high end jewellery store in Brighton’s posh Lanes, selling diamond rings worth half a million. I’ve temped for all sorts of organisations, filing in most and interviewing people who were on benefits in one. I tried telesales, and it was awful.

I spent a few years doing Saturdays in an estate agency while working five days a week full time in an office, waiting for sky high mortgage rates to go back down, hanging onto my flat by the skin of my teeth. I know what it feels like to literally count the pennies.

I’ve built mosaic garden features, been an artists’ model, mown lawns and dug fields. I spent six years as a volunteer shepherd for Brighton & Hove City Council. I sold clothes and flogged costume jewellery. I’ve worked in The City as a contractor in the direct marketing sector, done time as a junior insurance underwriter, and progressed through a series of roles in financial services marketing before falling out of the other end as a freelance writer.

It took a while. I finally found my career. I’ve been writing for a living since 2006 and it’s heavenly, a love thing in every way. If you want a copywriter with loads of business experience, who genuinely loves to write, come to me! Whatever you make or sell, I’ll get where you’re coming from.

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