Helpful error messages boost sales conversion

If your website sits on a decent content management system you should be able to control the content and appearance of your error messages.  

Why would you want to control error messages?

In a competitive environment, every little helps when you’re chasing sales. If you put sensible, plain language error messages in place instead of the usual techie gobbledegook, you’ll stand more chance of converting visitors to customers even when things go slightly dog-shaped. It’s a trust thing.

What is a good error message?

One that actually explains what the error is and gives plain language advice about dealing with it. After all, there’s not much point telling a visitor something has gone wrong unless you also explain how to fix it!

Google ‘custom error pages’ or ‘change my error pages’ for more information and details about exactly how to change the error messages that sit behind your site. If it’s too technical for you, ask a freelance copywriter to create crystal clear, friendly, simple error messages for you and get your website developer to implement them.

Here’s some real beauties – Thanks to Techworld.