Heart Internet highly recommended

Like most business owners I’ve had hosting issues in the past, some of which have been horribly stressful. When your site disappears for no apparent reason and your host isn’t answering calls or emails, it’s hard to stay calm. And if they ‘forget’ to renew your url, solving the issue can be a real pain. So a good host is like gold dust.

There are thousands of hosting companies, all of which make the same claims about brilliant efficiency, customer support and up-time. Word of mouth is probably the best way to identify a rock solid host for your commercial website. Here’s my contribution.

Unlike many hosting company sites, Heart Internet’s interface is beautifully simple and clear. Their facilities are excellent, it’s easy to find everything, there’s a choice of flexible deals and the prices are pretty good. Not the cheapest… but hosting is far too important to cut corners for the sake of a few quid. Plus they’re UK based, which feels good. If the worst happens I can always turn up on their doorstep and weep uncontrollably until they put things right!

If you’re looking for a great UK host, here’s a link to Heart Internet.