Got the blues? Check your blog posts tomorrow

If you’re anything like me you’ll express yourself differently depending on your mood. Whether or not you want it to, the way you feel affects your communication style.

Always check your content the next day!

Which is why iInext day just in case. I don’t know about you but if I’m slightly crabby (which is rare) my posts come across as slightly crabby, and the advice I give sounds more like a good telling off.

Sometimes it’s so subtle I’m the only person who would notice it. But you can bet your last fiver that readers will get the subconscious message loud and clear.

That’s why I check my copy with a fresh head before sending it to clients. Often it’s enough to check something after lunch, once the hunger pangs have subsided. Or after a short walk outdoors. It’s also a useful way to spot stray spelling mistakes, repetitions and so on. Especially when you can easily stare at a piece of text for hours and not notice a glaring error.