Google visibility shifts get business knickers in a twist

If you’ve noticed your Google search positions changing, you’re not alone.

Plenty of us are experiencing the same thing, in what some observers are calling another wave of the Panda/Farmer algorithm update. And plenty of people are getting their knickers in a twist about it, hardly a surprise when a drop from position one to five on page one of Google slashes click-through volumes to shreds.

Here’s how I stand right now:

My freelance writing Google visibility

  • freelance copywriter – 3, up one
  • freelance copywriting – 5, down two
  • freelance copywriting services – 3, no change
  • freelance SEO copywriter – 3, no change
  • freelance SEO copywriting – 3, down one
  • freelance SEO copywriter – 3, down one
  • what is a content writer? – 4, up four
  •  why use a freelance copywriter? – 3, no change
  • free diy SEO ebook – 3 and 4, up from 5 and 6 last time I looked

Holding onto good visibility gets harder than ever…

My ‘all web’ results are much the same so I’ve fared relatively well. Phew. But I’m nowhere near as visible as I used to be. Not so long ago I’d enjoyed a run of number one and two positions that lasted almost two years without a break. And, to be honest, I didn’t have to work that hard for it.

In the last few months things have changed dramatically and I’m having to pull my finger much further out just to stand still. Never mind hit the top three. I’ve worked my marketing backside off since June and I can see I’ll need to keep up the pace. No slacking.

Relentless marketing seems to be the name of the game. Yet another good reason – as if you needed one – for keeping your website elegantly simple, flat, fast-loading, easy to use, compliant, unique, exciting, fresh, relevant and search engine-friendly.