Google caffeine – The latest algorithm update

All hell has let loose yet again as the latest Google algorithm update hits the UK.

Google caffeine freshness

Billed as the latest wave of their so-called ‘Caffeine’ update, it’s all about freshness.  Although as usual with Google, who keep the details of their algorithms under close wraps, it’s a challenge to pick out patterns.

I’ve been banging on about website freshness for ages so to me, it’s good news. I update some aspects of my site every day, others every week and each month. And I try to blog daily. So my site, compared to many, is as fresh as a very fresh thing from a remarkably fresh place.

Fingers crossed I’ll be one of the lucky ones whose search positions have improved since last week.

If you haven’t a clue what to do to improve your sites freshness and keep it bang up to date, my SEO industry contacts believe blogging and social stuff are key right now…