Good News From the Digital Marketing World

Sometimes it’s worth reading through recent blog posts to check you’re headed in the right direction. I just did it and realised I’ve moaned a lot recently. Whoops. I know positive messages work harder than negatives. It’s about time I took a positive tack. After all, there’s all sorts of excitement going on in the digital marketing world. Here’s just some of it.
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Wonderful digital marketing – The good news

I’ve moaned about Big Data. But there’s a lot to be said for the human race gathering vast amounts of information to mine for the common good. It’s helping scientists in all sorts of disciplines uncover the truth. It’s supporting pattern-spotting on an epic scale, revealing new medical treatments and unexpected connections. And even if I don’t like my personal data being used for things like retail re-targeting, plenty of people don’t mind at all and many relish the results. If you want to find stuff out, these are thrilling times.

Social media connects billions

It’s human nature to engage with other people. We love it. Trolling is nasty, but it’s only a tiny element in a magical social media mix. The same goes for other kinds of mischief-making. Billions of humans every day make positive connections through social media that would’ve been impossible as little as twelve years ago, when Facebook launched.
People power is quite something. As individuals we have more influence and reach than ever before. We tap into extensive online networks that enrich our lives, spark fresh ideas, get our voices heard and allow us to band together to protest effectively against injustice.

Targeting and personalisation finally bears real fruit

Targeting and personalisation aren’t magic. But the remarkable customer management and data gathering software that many businesses use as a matter of course are bringing the potential of targeting and personalisation to reality for the first time.
Back in the olden days direct marketers used every scrap of data they had to personalise campaigns. But we didn’t have much data, and while segmenting people worked well now and again, the results were rarely worth writing home about. Now we can examine people’s shopping and search behaviour in minute detail and personalise offers with extraordinary precision. While people are a lot less predictable than the data about them might suggest, some marketers are having exceptional results.

Altruism still runs deep online

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It’s updated and improved constantly by a team of thousands of volunteer developers from every corner of the planet. Thousands more talented designers create beautiful free templates for everyone to use. Others build brilliant free plug-ins for every imaginable purpose. You can download WordPress to your url in five minutes. And it doesn’t cost a penny.
Ask a question and people will scramble to help you, spending time explaining things in fine detail. Ask for help and people will do their utmost. The online world has a habit of bringing out the best in us. It lets us indulge our natural urge to be generous. The internet might be changing fast but altruism is still the name of the game.

Consumer-power drives fantastic service

Cast your mind back to the bad old days, before the online shopping revolution, when customer service and deliveries and service weren’t anywhere near as good. Thanks to the stellar rise of ecommerce, the simplest transaction is completed to perfection. It makes sense when good reviews are marketing gold dust. Packages turn up in next to no time, at the agreed time, perfectly wrapped and exactly as specified. Complaints are treated seriously, and quickly. Returns are no longer a nightmare. And because the high street has had to keep pace, we’re getting much better service there too.

New, exciting stuff appears all the time

Today’s marketing arena is less predictable, more fluid, more prone to dramatic change than ever. It couldn’t be more different from the pre-internet days. Never before have we had so many tools, so much insight and such a lot of empirical evidence to improve our marketing efforts. It’s a thrilling ride, something to celebrate.
What’s on the horizon? The much-vaunted internet of things might or might not come about. The same goes for widespread, everyday virtual reality and augmented reality. In the meantime we’re neck deep in wonderful, magical marketing developments, including this little lot:

  • Astonishing levels of market and customer insight
  • Unprecedented levels of predictive analytics
  • A content marketing scene that’s still in its infancy, with huge potential
  • Growing numbers of niche and vertical communities to take advantage of
  • An exciting yet still young CRO scene, where conversion rate optimisation is being taken seriously
  • Display advertising boosted by stuff like retargeting and programmatic innovations
  • Behavioural email marketing
  • Extensive and growing opportunities for tightly targeted personalisation
  • Mobile marketing, advertising and apps, plus new tech like wearables in the background
  • Paid search marketing, natural search marketing and SEO
  • Influencer outreach, affliliate marketing and co-marketing
  • Social customer relationship management and social network-driven customer care

I rest my case. Less moaning, more appreciating. Watch out for a load more positive posts!
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