Go Egyptian: write copy in inverted pyramid order

Like most copywriting and marketing devices the inverted pyramid – or inverted triangle – is common sense.

What is the inverted pyramid method?

Ask any journalist. All it involves is putting your information in priority order. Putting crucial information at the top, less important material further down. What’s ‘important’? It depends whether you want the reader to buy, make an offer, answer a question, join something, subscribe or respond in another way. For online work, you’ll probably want to use your keywords in order of importance.

Whatever you want from them, give readers and search engines key information in an order that will:

  • let people know immediately that they’re in the right place
  • inspire them to start reading
  • keep them reading
  • drive them towards your goal in a logical, methodical way
  • let search engines know what keywords they should treat as priority when ranking the page

Here’s an example

  • Strong header including core proposition: Buy the cheapest copralites on the internet here – limited offer!
  • First priority: We supply the best quality, cheapest copralites available anywhere online
  • Second: Buy before the year 3000 and we’ll give you a 1000% discount
  • Third: Here’s our copralite range. Aren’t they gorgeous!
  • Fourth: This is how you buy
  • Fifth: Buy now… click here
  • Sixth: Copralite safety issues
  • Seventh: Ask us a copralite question and we’ll get right back to you
  • Eighth: legal / regulatory stuff