Get a valuable backlink from your alumni website

If you’re an alumnus, exchange SEM Karma with your Alumni organisation

For reasons I won’t go into here, university and college websites are often awarded a very high ‘page rank’ by search engines. This means they’re considered authoritative and credible.

On a scale of 1-10, one is a poor page rank while ten is superb. Many education establishments have a page rank of 6 and above which – in the scheme of things – is pretty nifty. If you can get a link back to your website from a university or college site, it’ll give your site’s visibility a valuable boost. Put simply, you’ll bask in their reflected glory.

Many colleges, universities and further education establishments offer discounted products and services to alumni. If you’re prepared to give your fellow ex-students a discount, join your alumni organisation and submit a link for their approval. Everyone wins. Ex-students get a useful discount, the Alumni organisation thrives and your business gets some truly excellent online exposure… good karma all round.

PS. Update for 2015 – a lot of educational establishments have wised up to online marketers using alumni sites for backlinks. Many have changed the way they provide and display links as a result, and it’s pretty difficult getting decent alumni links these days.