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What people say about my work

If you’d like a reference or two, feel free to ask and I’ll put you in touch with a couple of my regular clients. In the meantime here’s some freelance writing feedback, from my digital agency and small business clients. Thank you, lovely people.

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Feedback about my freelance writing services

“I honestly think you’re the best writer on the planet!”

“Once again you have taken a brief and smashed it – We are both delighted with the result thank you so much.”

“Thank you for all your great work and for the way you do it. With no fuss, humour and refreshing generosity of spirit.”

“Thanks Kate… if only working with everyone was as simple and pleasurable”

“Thanks so much, our new star science writer!”

“Thank you, you’re the most reliable copywriter we ever worked with! So happy we found you!”

“I have had the chance sitting here to look at what you have done for me on the latest blog. Even without the spit you did a wonderful polish, so thanks a million! You topped and tailed it with your magical style! Thank you again for all you do…”

“The two blog posts are great – really interesting, grabs-the-attention, applicable and relevant. Just the ticket!”

“Our new website is LIVE! So happy and feeling proud! Thank you so much for being on point with time, work, professionalism and everything else!”

“The pre-mailer is wonderful! ‘Where Logistics Meets Risk Management’ is brilliant.”

“By the way, the blogs are both brilliant, I’m so happy with your style of writing & the subjects you take on, thank you.”

“We’ve seen a 90% rise year-on-year traffic to the blog – that’s basically down to you Kate.”

“Thanks for the fantastic job you did on the blog post. It hit the mark superbly. So pleased!”

“Thank you, Kate! Wonderful as always. It’s the first page that people see when they click from Google and now it looks very professional thanks to you.”

“I am amazed about what you did with that little bit of information I sent you about our next blog, that you took the time to look up the events and write about them, thank you for that! It’s brilliant as usual. I’m so glad we found you.”

“Excellent, thank you Kate. You’ve done an amazing job transforming the copy. Wish I’d found you sooner – I’ll definitely be in touch again when I next have a suitable project.” 

“I LOVE what you did with this!!! It’s fabulous!”

“How you ever manage to polish my verbal turds quite like you do is beyond me.” 

“What a superb job you’ve done with all this – thank you from my head to my toes – well done!”

“It’s reading beautifully. Some really wonderful work here.”

“I read through the copy last night, amazing! Thank you so much”

“I just wanted to let you know our latest post received 197 shares on FB and 73 on Twitter!”

“Oh wow – that’s perfect. Thanks very much.”

“I once read that copywriting can change the world for the better… a little bit at a time. Thank you.”

“My dear Kate, you are brilliant! Thank you for your great help.”

“You are doing such a marvellous job, we couldn’t be happier.”

“Once more thank you for your great work on all the texts. If we have similar job in the future you will be the first person we remember. We will also recommend your work to anybody that will be looking for English copywriter.”

“Just took the time to read the first batch. Exactly what we are looking for.”

“I don’t know what we’d do without you.”

“the posts are so awesome and we are so so happy with the effect they are having. We love having you as part of our small but perfect team, we think you are just fantastic.”

“These blog posts are fab! You have struck just the right tone”

“I’ve just had a quick read and the copy looks brilliant”

“Now I’ve found you I don’t have to worry about copywriting any more…”

“The three articles are perfect, as I knew they would be.”

“Many thanks for the great letter and supporting information…”

“You are a truly talented lady and I would like to thank you for all your hard work on our content!”

“I think my ebook looks great, you’ve done some marvellous work.”

“Wow Kate, that is really good!”

“I would like to express our gratitude for the professional work you did for us…”

“I have the pleasure to inform you that my boss was very pleased with your job.”

“This is perfect! Thank you. You have such a lovely way of writing and the tone is spot-on, I’m really pleased.”

“I would say that’s verging on brilliance! Which is what I knew I would get anyway…”

“Many thanks for all your hard work to bring my website up to date. I love it!”

“The content is wonderful and brings across exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.”

“Thanks so much Kate, yet again you’ve hit the nail right on the head!”

“This is fantastic. I have lots more coming your way shortly too..”

“Hi Kate, once again a lovely job!”

“No comments. This is really good as always. Just send an invoice.”

“That’s spot on Kate. Do you think you could work your magic on another brochure for us?”

“Wow, you’re good! I think you have done an amazing job. Well done.”

“So far our press release has got into ‘Hot Property’ and the Manchester Evening News…”

“Thanks Kate, I’m over the moon with the content and flow.”

The copy’s FAB! You have got it right down to a T!”

“Did I tell you we got half a page in the Daily Express last week, plus coverage in The Guardian?”

“Great job! I have wrestled with this product for a while now and never managed to get it down so well.”