Freelance copywriting – How does freelance blogging work?

If you’ve never worked with a freelance copywriter before, here’s how I tackle blogging for my clients.

Blogging services – I write blog posts in two ways

  • you can ask me to write posts without a brief. That means I’ll come up with suitable subject matter myself – you don’t have to dream up your own ideas. I’m used to it – it’s all part of the service
  • or you can provide a brief for each post, as simple as a bullet list or one-liner

Freelance blogging – I work in two ways

  • you can give me your blog login details and I’ll write directly into your blog
  • or I’ll send you a Word document so you can add each post yourself (remember that Word can drop all sorts of weird characters into your code – it’s better to copy and paste from a plain text document with no formatting, so save the doc as .txt first!)

Blog service fine detail

  • you can trust me to write on any subject. As a freelance copywriter I’m used to researching everything from nuclear physics to pet care, holiday destinations to iPhone apps… you name it
  • just ask if you’d like me to source a relevant free image for each post. Although images don’t help with SEO, visual interest can have a positive impact on human readers
  • if you’re a regular customer I’ll invoice you at the end of each month. If it’s a one-off post I’ll invoice you once I get your signoff
  • if you’d like a free sample, feel free to ask. I’ll be delighted to create a sample post for you