Freelance blogging to the rescue

There’s nothing like a sudden drop in Google search positions to galvanise a DIY marketer into action. In early July I dropped a couple of places in Google’s search results for two of my top three positions; from the top of page one to position three for one, position two to four for the other. Drat.

I don’t mind admitting I’ve been increasingly complacent over the past year. I’ve blogged less regularly, built fewer links and neglected on-site updates. So I have nobody to blame but myself. What to do? I need to blog more for a start. Hence July’s flurry of posts.

Do you have time to blog?

Regular, relevant, good quality, original blog posts are still an excellent way to slowly but surely improve your search engine ranking. Regular blogging helps create and manage your reputation, drive enquiries and convert sales too.

If you’ve lost rank but don’t have time to write a weekly, twice weekly or daily post, not to worry. I can do it for you.

My clients trust me enough to write direct into their blogs, saving them time and hassle. I’m fluent in any number of content management systems including WordPress, Google Blogger and Adobe Business Catalyst. But I can send you raw copy if you prefer.  I’m happy being left to get on with it, dreaming up pertinent subjects myself.  I’m equally comfortable with a prescriptive brief. Whatever the situation I’ll write something satisfyingly juicy that’ll engage, inform, educate and entertain visitors from start to the finish… and boost your business in all sorts of ways.

How much does freelance blog writing cost? Ask me for a quot. All I need to know is the frequency and quantity of posts and I’ll get right back to you.