Freelance blog writer waxes lyrical – Why I love blogging

An ode to freelance blogging

I love what I do. Ebooks are a big favourite. Website writes, edits and re-writes are an exciting challenge. I really enjoy writing white papers and articles. And I adore putting my freelance blog post writer hat on, something I’m doing more and more of.
What makes blogging so special?

The not-so-simple art of storytelling

In some ways blogging is just like any other marketing communication. A post is a simple beast on the face of it; strip it down to its undies and you’re left with a basic storytelling task. But dig deeper and things get pleasurably intricate.

  • First there’s the research bit, identifying and verifying the facts
  • There’s the logic bit, sorting information into the right order and creating a structure to hang it on
  • Then there’s the creative element; the tone, the style, the shape and feel of the words you use, their accuracy and the way they flow

And there’s more…

Creating beautiful things

Every post is a miniature work of art. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end. The message is seamless and true, the argument is clean-cut and clear. And it’s a thing of beauty, rolling along smoothly without any lumpy awkwardness.
I might rewrite a sentence six times until it’s perfect in isolation and in the broader context. After seven years as a freelance writer it’s something I do with lightning speed, my favourite bit of the job.

SEO and the freelance blogger

Using key terms cleverly while maintaining flow and style is another absorbing mini-challenge that keeps things interesting. I like the logic. It makes complete sense to map posts to key terms, so search engines know what the page is about and people can find it.

Different freelance blog writer approaches

There are all sorts of creative ways to express information. Off the top of my head, you can take angles like:

  • customer feedback, testimonials, client comments, FAQ
  • your slant on breaking news, trending topics, industry developments, media commentary
  • opinion pieces
  • industry developments, NPD, research and analysis
  • insights, revelations, insider information, confessions
  • appeals for input, information, opinions
  • retrospective pieces based on past predictions
  • research and analysis
  • your sector’s technology / culture / direction
  • looking at the future
  • analysing the present
  • being contentious
  • taking a positive slant on a tricky situation

Another plus point for blogging. It’s so varied.

A universe of variety

Business blogging is particularly rewarding for the chronically curious, leading us into strange, weird and wonderful commercial landscapes. I’ve blogged about tax and VAT, HR, artisan baking, financial services, digital marketing, horse riding, ethical gifts, holidays, software testing, insurance, business services, search engine optimisation, precision engineering, pet care and more. Life is never dull, another tick in the pleasure box.

Aiming for ‘extraordinary’

In the search engine marketing world, it pays to be extraordinary. Excellence is the name of the game because top class posts win more attention, get shared more, attract backlinks and give Google clues about how popular your site is. Rising to the challenge is a big part of the freelance blog copywriting pleasure. If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well, and ‘outstanding’ is a pretty cool thing to aim for whatever you do for a living.

All change…

I get a kick out of keeping up with the SEO side of things. It adds another tasty ingredient to the freelance blog writer recipe.
The search landscape changes all the time. Search engine algorithms change more or less daily. Guest blogging was the new SEO rock ‘n’ roll until recently, but it might end up being slapped by Google for over-manipulation. Right now the word on the SEO streets is longer posts with links to authority sites like Wikipedia – and even chunks of content copied verbatim with credits – might be making search engines sit up and take notice. What’s next? nobody really knows. But it’s fascinating to watch.

Finding my work online

It feels pretty good seeing my work online. It feels great when people tell me they like what I write. And – sentimental but true – a ‘thank you’ can make my day.
All of which makes blog writing a huge pleasure as well as a decent sized intellectual and creative challenge. Bring it on!

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