Format your blog posts for maximum impact

Help your readers get exactly what they want out of your blog posts using simple design principles.

Why bother with clear blog post formatting?

A well laid out blog post delivers your message powerfully and logically, and readers get the most out of it.  Here’s a few sensible blog post layout tips:

  • Use a bold header to make it 100% clear where the post starts and what it is about. Think newspaper headlines
  • Use bold subheads to separate your story into bite-sized, logical chunks. This makes it easy for readers to gauge whether they want to read the post in detail
  • Use short paragraphs. Long, dense paragraphs look daunting and can put people off as well as being hard to read on screen
  • Use a relevant image to give your post immediate visual appeal
  • Use bullet points and lists for extra clarity and reader convenience
  • Don’t be scared of space. Leaving plenty of space arond headers and paragraphs makes posts easier to read

Update for 2015 – It’s amazing how many bloggers still churn out dense chunks of text, forget to include H2s and H3s and render their pearls of wisdom more or less impossible to read. Get it right and there’s still a worthwhile competitive advantage to be had.