Five reasons for opting out of email marketing

If someone was interested in signing up for emails or newsletters once upon a time but now they want to unsubscribe, it makes good marketing sense to find out why you’ve lost their interest.

5 reasons for opting out of email marketing campaigns

  1. if  people regularly tell you you’re sending emails too often, you probably are. Don’t do marketing just for the sake of it, or because it’s in your schedule. Contact people when you’ve got something useful to say… otherwise, shut up
  2. there’s no point in just re-hashing your website content and hoping it’ll do the marketing trick. It won’t. People tend to notice. And they don’t appreciate you wasting their precious time
  3. broken links are really off-putting. People think you’re dodgy, careless, unprofessional or – worst case scenario – dishonest. So double check they’re live before distributing your campaign
  4. People hate it when messages don’t display properly. If your emails display like a dog, it’s time to create compatible campaigns that look OK on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops
  5. if you sell too hard you put people off. It’s boring. So calm things down. Focus on informing and entertaining rather than overt selling

When to act and when to let it lie? Exercise common sense and look for patterns. If you send a million emails a week and three people complain about an aspect of your campaign, it probably doesn’t mean anything. But if a hundred people come back with un-subscribe requests for the same reason, it’s probably wise to do something about it. If your un-subscribe function doesn’t let you establish a reason for un-subscribing, find one that does.