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Print speaks. But top quality print shouts!

It isn’t often you find a product that’s worth making a big noise about. But this is one of them.  A friend showed me some mini-cards from today and I was blown away for the first time in ages.

Digital print doesn’t always mean quality print. In a highly competitive sector where speed and price often come way before quality, moo’s minicards are printed on mega-thick stock for a chunky, classy feel. They’re not cheap… but they come at a very reasonable cost. Delivery isn’t particularly fast… but it’s so worth the wait. And you can personalise every single one of them.

Moo also does a complementary range of digitally printed mini-masterpieces, designed to help direct marketers, brand champions and creatives make an impact so strong it’s almost audible. I give them a wholehearted and completely unsolicited 10 out of 10.

Here’s a link to moo‘s minicards page.