EON writes perfect customer email copy

We switched to EON last year. I’ve been really impressed by their direct marketing in general – and their copywriting in particular. 

Their website is written beautifully in perfect plain english. Their tone of voice is full of personality. In fact everything they’ve sent so far, whether by email or snail mail, has been a triumph in rock solid customer communications. What’s so good? Here’s the email they sent me. Short but very sweet.

Well done EON for this excellent customer email

Important information about access to your online account

We’re always looking to improve our service to our customers and give the best online experience we can.

To ensure that we can continue to provide this great experience we need to upgrade our systems now and again. We’ll be doing this on the evening of Friday 16 July until lunchtime on Sunday 18 July. While we’re doing this you won’t be able to access your account details online.

As we’re updating all our systems and not just our website, we might not be able to help with your query over the phone either as we won’t have access to all your account details.

We’re sorry if this causes you any problems. You will be able to log in as normal before or after these dates.

If you’d like to talk to us about this you can contact us before Friday 16 July at eonenergy.com or call us on 0845 301 5933.