EON hits direct marketing gold

I’ve written about EON before, praising their excellent plain language marketing. Here’s another great email marketing campaign that arrived in my inbox this morning. 

When targeting hits the mark

In a clever collaborative cross-sell initiative, they’ve offered us a free water saving gadget for the shower. The gadget comes from a third party supplier savewatersavemoney.co.uk, Britain’s largest water efficiency shop.

It’s a sensible partnership – much less of a commercial oxymoron than supermarkets and banks. The offer is clear as a bell, short and sweet, written in their usual crisp, plain language, no messing about. The fact that EON has water efficiency in mind makes people like me feel warmer towards the brand.

There’s a clear opt in, with tick boxes if you want to receive more offers from EON and their partners, or from savewatersavemoney specifically. Because the offer is relevant to me, I ticked the savewatersavemoney opt in box. So they’ve got me on their database… I’m officially a hot prospect.

Like all good direct marketing it’s properly targeted, relevant and logical, clear and simple, imaginative and well expressed. And, vitally, they’ve thought conversion through just as carefully as lead generation. Applying for our free gadget was fast and easy.

It’s a lovely example of the creative application of logic. Which is exactly what intelligent direct marketing is all about.