Email marketing fails: 4 more silly mistakes

I had a minor rant a few weeks ago about getting email marketing messages I wasn’t allowed to reply to because the email account was either ‘unmonitored’ or just didn’t work. Grrr. Marketing madness. Now there’s more, the first two of which reveal worrying ignorance of the importance of customer interaction.

Nasty email marketing fails

‘You can reply, but we won’t take any notice’

First, email messages I’m allowed to reply direct to, but nobody acknowledges my response. It’s really annoying, a proper turn-off and a missed opportunity for the sender to interact with me one-to-one.

‘It’s nice to interact, but we won’t treat you like an individual’

Second, email campaigns I reply to and get a response. But because they forget to remove my address from the ongoing autoresponder campaign I keep getting messages which, bearing in mind our email conversation, don’t make contextual sense. Which makes me feel I haven’t been listened to.

‘We’re too busy / careless to do a proper job of it’

Third, an email that tells me there’s a link to follow but forgets to provide one, which is probably down to someone rushing an email campaign through to meet a deadline without checking it first.  Only a small thing, but it doesn’t make a very good impression.

‘We’ll reply… eventually’

Fourth, this is email so I expect a fast reply. A day or two is fine. A week is far too long and two weeks is ridiculous in an online context.

Is automated email marketing software to blame?

I don’t know what the problem is. Is it because automated systems make marketers passive, losing sight of the marketing logic behind the medium? Are some automated email marketing tools too complex, or too simple? Is it because some email marketers have very little experience and rely too heavily on tools? Is it because non-marketers are in the driving seat? Or are they too time-poor to pay attention to detail? Whatever the cause there are some very silly and potentially expensive mistakes being made.

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