Effective directory link text maximises link power

How to make the most of business directory back links

Online business directories are useful for consumers. They’re also handy for making your website more visible.

Why? Because directory submissions usually include a back link to your site, and quality back links from directories that have Page Ranks of 3 or more are good stuff.

You’ll probably be asked for at least two of the following pieces of information when submitting a directory entry. Here’s what to do to maximise the power of your website’s directory back links:

  1. Title: This is the title of your online directory entry, the first thing people see. Make it work hard by using a key word or phrase. If your title is relevant to your website content, search engines will notice and make the connection. Always use a word or phrase that is meaningful to the consumer as well as to search engines
  2. Description: This is the short paragraph that people see when they find your entry. So write it well and make it attractive. If they like what you say they’ll click on your link, so it is worth taking care. Search engines will respond well if it contains information that’s relevant to the title and to your website’s content
  3. Keywords: Use the same key words you’ve included in your title and description
  4. Meta descriptions aren’t a major factor in website ranking but, like meta keywords, they do contribute so are worth taking care over

Update for 2015 – Using exact match link text – in other words ‘money terms’ – is frowned upon these days and if you overdo it you can attract a Google penalty.