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How’s your content management system? Do you have one? Or is your site just a set of web pages that you amend at code level every time something needs changing? Do you pay someone else to amend your site? And if so, how does that make you feel? 

As a small business owner it’s un-nerving to have little or no control over the mechanics of your ecommerce site. When you have a simple site like mine it’s relatively easy to update it using a basic html editor. But the moment you venture into ecommerce proper, selling multiple products or services, life gets complicated. And if you’re paying someone else to update your site, the cost soon stacks up.

About ABC

Adobe Business Catalyst is an excellent ecommerce platform used by designers to create ecommerce sites with oomph. It lets you drive everything from a wonderfully intuitive back-end control panel. Adding and deleting pages, adding and amending content, setting up databases and email marketing campaigns is easy as pie even if html sends you into a spin. You get a deep knowledge of your business’s performance via detailed built in statistics. It even takes care of the basics of on-site SEO for you with sensible page naming protocols and so on.

The marketing benefits are clear

With an Adobe Business Catalyst site you can:

  • keep tabs on visitor numbers and conversion rates, responding instantly to threats and positive outcomes
  • add, move, change and delete elements of your site fast to keep search engines and visitors entertained
  • test special offers with a few clicks of your mouse instead of wading through acres of fiddly code
  • set up automated email campaigns and customer contact strategies quickly and simply
  • respond to competitor innovations instantly to stay ahead of the field
  • and a load more

Who uses it? LucidSynergy for a start, an excellent creative solutions agency based in Suffolk. If you’re on the brink of an ecommerce experiment or want to migrate your existing site to a content management system that’ll put you back in control, head over to the LucidSynergy site and get in touch with Chris.

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