Off-duty copywriter shenanigans – Curious 3d artworks

A while ago I showcased some of my paintings. This time it’s my ‘curiosities’.
I collect interesting stuff. And I put it in curiosity cabinets. I’ve done it for years. Now I’ve started building little 3d tableaux. Here are the first three, photographed to perfection – a complex task – by Alicia Photographics, who I recommend to anyone who wants great quality images of more or less anything.
The marketing bit
I’m a freelance writer, this is my business site and the stuff I get up to outside work has nothing to do with copywriting or content creation. So why show you my artwork?
From a marketing perspective, because I’m a writer I can more or less cover anything in my blog. It’s all about showing visitors what I’m capable of. And because, as a freelancer, I am my brand, writing about me is fine, too. As long as I intersperse the personal with content that proves I know my direct marketing and writing onions, I’m on the right track.
You might think I’m a nutter after seeing my curiosities. On the other hand you might feel you know me a bit better than other freelance writers, who only blog about writing. You’re employing me, you need to trust me, I’m comfortable letting you know a bit about what makes me tick as well as how intimately I know my craft. Having worked in marketing for a couple of decades, it seems to make sense.

Curious 3d tableaux

Before you look, an explanation. These are not the products of a disturbed mind. Honest! I’m consciously making them as quaint, dreamlike, odd, eccentric and disturbing as I can.

Tableau 1 – Going to Market

The first one’s called Going to Market. I built it in a 40cm long brown leather vintage instrument case, making the cyclist with a wire frame and modelling clay head, hands and feet.
I sewed the clothes, made the carts and filled them with stock from my collection of curiosities, including a stuffed duckling (a tenner at Brighton Flea Market), quail egg, Black Forest carved wood bear, Victorian clay doll and horrible plastic 1960s doll.
The landscape in the background is a 1970s oil painting cut to size, and the trees are made from modelling clay. A perspex front keeps the dirt off.
going to market - 3d artwork

Tableau 2 – The Connoisseur

This one’s called The Connoisseur.
I built the 15cm cube box from beautiful PaperBlanks notebook covers – so luscious I can never throw them away –  and embellished it with wrapping paper and fabric. Then made a room-like interior including a table made of rabbit bones, rabbit skulls with eyes, an old Inuit carved wood bird, framed fishing lure, carved stone mouse and cut crystal vase filled with bones and feathers.
The figure has a Victorian ceramic doll head, badly damaged, with a decorated felt body and modelling clay arms/rib cage. I’d added legs before deciding it looked much creepier without them. It just hangs there… nasty!
The finishing touch, a dolls house chandelier with LED lights and a decorated perspex door with a fancy metal latch.
3d artwork - the connoisseur

Tableau 3 – It was a long and perilous journey…

This one’s called It was a long and perilous journey across the choppy seas of time, where she waited for him, and many before him had perished attempting it, and it’s about 40cm high including the stand.
The sea is a scrap of scrumpled velvet in a lovely taupe colour. I sat a 1920s sailor dolly, which is really creepy, on a vintage ceramic fish I painted iridescent purple. Then glued miniature watch parts and innards over it in drifts to symbolise time, adding vintage watch faces and a tiny, rusty but still working Amp meter.
Other bits and bobs floating on the clogged, claggy sea include a dessicated rat, rabbit skulls, a dried up Privet hawk moth and a mummified frog.
3d artwork - It was along and perilous journey...

This one was more put together from found objects than made. Not as much fun for me, so I’m making the tableau I’m working on at the moment predominantly by hand. It’s called Eating alfresco in the cutlery forest and I’m almost finished apart from the box, which I’ve yet to make. Still mulling over how to do it and what to build it from…

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