More off-duty copywriter creations

I showcased my first three 3d tableaux a while ago, and now I’ve finished the fourth in the series. It’s inspired by a magical day spent in a chunk of forest owned by some good friends of ours, out Horsham way. 
Having your own forest is fantastic enough. But theirs, sitting on land previously part of a large estate dating to the 1670s, contains – treasure of treasures – a midden!
I spent most of the day digging for interesting objects in the top layers of the dump, foraging deep enough to hit the 1930s: layer upon layer of fascinating glass bottles, ceramics and strange long, thin green glass tubes that look vaguely veterinary. Who knows? But they’re very beautiful.
I’m mulling over how to use the glass tubes in a future creation. The latest one, below, contains half a copper ballcock, a large animal bone, lovely glaucous lichens from the trees, a hedgehog skull, a fragment of a vintage ceramic caviare jar and some touchy-feely pieces of melted glass. It’s all set into an old wooden cigar box and sits inside a 30cm perspex display cube.
It’s called ‘Nest’, and here it is.
sculpture with hedgehog skull
A 3d tableau called 'nest'

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