Door-to-door leaflet campaigns – don't knock 'em!

Door to door – A direct marketing medium enjoying a comeback

What is it door to door? It does exactly what it says on the tin, dropping leaflets and other marketing materials through people’s letterboxes. And it’s becoming a hot ‘new’ way to reach local and national customers.

DMA research into door to door leafleting

According to DMA research, D2D leafleting campaigns have a surprisingly high recall rate. 88% of those surveyed recalled D2D compared to 60% for direct mail, a bit less for telly ads and a feeble 36% for online ads. The medium has enjoyed a steady annual increase since 2005, with the door drop distribution spend up 3.1 per cent to an impressive £260 million in 2010. And there’s some satisfyingly good response rates emerging so it’s obviously profitable when done right.

What’s going on?

Familiarity breeds contempt. The days when we awoke to a Mount Everest-sized heap of D2D offers every morning are long gone. So perhaps it’s the novelty that’s making door to door campaigns perform so well right now. Whatever the reasons, it’s well worth a punt into the realms of print these days.

You can DIY D2D for the lowest possible cost if you have a tiny business and don’t mind tramping the pavements. Or use a specialist door drop company, most of which accept a minimum of 5000 leaflets. You can target specific postcodes to hit more of the right kind of people and get better response / conversion. And even test different creative approaches and roll out the best performer.

Having said all that, if your leaflet or postcard doesn’t cut the marketing mustard your campaign will be met with a resounding silence. Luckily I’m on very familiar ground here. It’s a classic direct marketing challenge. So if you fancy jumping on the bandwagon, contact me for D2D freelance copywriting.