Don't put all your SEO eggs in one basket

Google’s recent Panda/Farmer algorithm update has allegedly slashed the ‘link juice’ awarded to articles generated by content farms. A number of SEOs seem to have taken a commercial hit too, dramatically reducing their article marketing activity just in case. Some of them don’t have any alternative tactics waiting in the wings. So they’re a bit stuffed. As are their clients.
It illustrates the danger of complacency. Whatever you’re marketing, however reliable and successful a medium might be, never put all your SEO eggs in one basket. Just in case some bugger tips it over. Spread your off-site link building efforts wide instead. So if one link juice avenue shuts down your entire empire won’t crumble.

Vary your link building tactics

Here’s a short list of ways to vary your inbound link building efforts:

  • guest posts on relevant well-ranked blogs
  • intelligent blog comments with backlinks
  • banner ads
  • short ‘snippets’
  • quality articles deposited with carefully chosen, reputable distributors
  • niche, general, local, national and international online business directories
  • paid advertising on carefully targeted sites in your sector
  • white papers and thought leadership pieces
  • on-site and off-site link bait including videos, CGI, film, images, cartoons and graphics
  • contributions to forums, clubs, societies, industry and trade bodies, communities and pressure groups
  • negotiating backlinks personally from suitable sites in complementary sectors
  • creating newsworthy output for the local and national press via press releases
  • begging for backlinks from trusted, respected sites like your old Uni or college

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