Don't let caveats muddy your sales proposition

Caveats are insidious. Don’t let them take over your sales message

It is best to avoid caveats altogether. Why?

  • caveats interfere with your sales proposition
  • reading the sales message is a challenge because your flow is constantly interrupted by irritating little swords and asterisks
  • caveats make you sound negative
  • contrarily, they even make you seem less trustworthy

Is it possible to avoid caveats altogether?

Yes. It’s easy. Turn them into positives instead. Make them earn their keep. Here’s an example.

  • Replace the caveat *Offer valid for  a limited time only with a sentence  in your body copy, loud and proud: Hurry, this great offer won’t be around for ever!

What if you can’t make a caveat positive?

There’s always a positive side. If there genuinely isn’t, think about making people a decent offer that’s worth accepting.

What if you can’t bear to clear out the caveats?

Put them all in your Terms & Conditions or Agreement, where they’ll work their hardest to reassure people rather than scaring them off.