The importance of de-duplicating your prospect database

Some nasty spammers are taking UPS’s name in vain to ridiculous levels at the moment, sending billions of bits of e-spam in their name. Poor UPS. 

The only good thing? It’s easy to identify as a scam. Either the spammers haven’t done any database de-duplication or they’ve sent the list to hundreds of similar dick-brains, all of whom are using it to send out almost exactly the same message.

However they’ve managed it, the duplication means they’re even less likely to succeed than usual. At the moment I’m getting about fifty a day in clumps, all with practically the same subject line. You’re rumbled, my friends.

Direct marketing de-duplication made simple

It reminds me of a vital direct marketing database tip: if you’re marketing to a bought-in prospect list, dump it into an Excel spreadsheet so you can remove any duplicate records first. Then you won’t irritate prospects with multiple, identical marketing offers.

Of course it goes without saying that it’s totally stupid to hand round the same mailing list to hundreds of other spammers so they can send out the same message as you. On the other hand we’re lucky they’re dim. Otherwise we’d be ripped off left, right and centre. Well done you spammers… keep up the bad work.