Does my business need social media for marketing?

Everyone and his dog’s using social media to market their stuff at the moment

So do you need to jump on the bandwagon?

Are you in a panic because your business hasn’t got to grips with twitter and co? Give it a go if you like. But ask yourself  three common sense questions first:

  • A direct marketing-led question: Is it possible to get rock solid empirical evidence that the time and money you spend tweeting – or whatever – delivers a tangible return on your investment? Good direct marketers never embark on a campaign without knowing they can track the results accurately
  • A human being-focused question: Do you enjoy being marketed at while you’re relaxing on your favourite social media site? Social media networks are hot property at the moment but you know what they say… when the marketers move in, the users move out!
  • A logical question: Are you considering using social media for marketing because it is clear that it’ll directly benefit your marketing plans and rake in some cash? Or because everyone else is doing it?

If you’re not sure, wait and see… let other people do the groundwork. If you’re not involved in social media marketing while it is in its infancy, don’t fret. There’s no great merit in being first. But there’s a lot to be said for waiting in the wings and making your move once a new, unproven medium has proved it’s commercial worth.

Update 2015 – These days around 60% of my new business comes through Twitter. But I don’t do marketing on Twitter. I do networking.