Do you do inbound marketing?

I’m lucky. Copywriting is hot property. The hour a day’s DIY marketing and on-site SEO I do generates enough freelance writing work to keep me trundling along nicely.

I generate site visitors like nobody’s business. But if they all converted to sales I’d be in deep trouble because there’s only one of me. All pf which means I never do inbound marketing. There’s no need, no commercial imperative.

What, no inbound marketing?!

It’s dreadful behaviour from a marketing perspective. I know it. But I’m busy enough to let the data capture, lead nurturing and database marketing side of my business slide.

If things ever go pear shaped and I lose my SERPs positions, I’ll dust off my database marketing skills and get cracking. I’ll set up lead capturing protocols, write a bunch of powerful autoresponder messages, nurture every lead that comes my way, feed statistics and analytics into my inbound marketing loop and integrate the lot for maximum inbound marketing effectiveness.

What about you?

Are you generating enough business? Have you got to grips with inbound marketing? If not, and you need a freelance copywriter to create hard working inbound marketing collateral, I have enough direct marketing experience to do the job properly, with direct response front of mind.