Do Morals Matter in Business? Dare You Nail Your Colours to the Flag?

Tell you what, I thought long and hard before nailing my colours to this particular flag. It’s risky. For all I know half my clients might be rabid right wing status quo monkeys, lovely as they seem. Do I want to support the growth of businesses that perpetuate the status quo? No, actually, I don’t. It’s time to make a stand.
Trump’s over here, and I’m fuming. I cannot believe that dreadful excuse for a human being has been welcomed into our country. I am deeply ashamed of our right wing government – but that’s nothing new. Do my feelings affect my copywriting business? Yes, I’ve finally decided that they have to.
Britain is the fifth or sixth richest nation on earth, but there are thousands of homeless people on our streets. That’s disgusting. The rich are paying less tax by the minute, and that’s morally wrong. The new social benefits system the Conservative Party has created is causing widespread suffering when we should be protecting the vulnerable, not making their lives harder. That’s cruel.
The banks created the credit crunch and banking crisis. It was their fault we slid into deep recession in 2008, and that of a wider financial system designed to favour greed. But the banks are blithely carrying on as normal while the rest of us are still suffering from austerity measures.
Some businesses think it’s OK to destroy rainforests and flatten pristine landscapes to the detriment of indigenous people, our fellow creatures, and the climate. Too many businesses carry on as normal knowing the way they operate causes damage. That’s the capitalist consumer economic model for you, one of the human race’s worst ideas along with gunpowder and the combustion engine. When you’re all about the money, morals inevitably come second.
Since 2008 the 100 richest people in the world have become a great deal richer, while the rest of us have nosedived. That’s obscene. The austerity measures put in place by the right wing mean the UK’s police can’t properly deal with crimes like illegal hunting. Every week throughout the hunting season our wildlife is slaughtered illegally by the rich, and the resource-poor police rarely do anything about it. And as for Brexit? It’s a shit show, an omni-shambles that beggars belief. Don’t even get me started.
This is Britain. And right now it’s a bit crap. In times like these, if I was a business owner or marketer and wanted a freelance writer, I’d hire someone whose values align roughly with my own. The same goes for me. As a freelance copywriter I’d prefer to work with like-minded people and make the world better, not worse.
So… if you’re a free-thinking individual with a fair, green, socialist focus, please get in touch. I’ll be thrilled to help your business thrive. If you’re a Farage-loving racist or a Boris-fancying right wing loony, please go away and find a copywriter whose morals align with your own. If you’re a climate change denier, feel free to bugger off. If your business damages the environment or makes people unhappy, no thanks. From now on I’m only working with the good guys.

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