DIY website manager? Clean your code!

Good housekeeping – another simple but powerful way to keep your site in good shape for search engines and visitors.

If – like me – you run a small business and maintain your own website, it’s a good idea to clean up your code every now and again. Why? Because the more you fiddle with your content and layout the more chance things have of getting messy. Especially when you’re not a coding expert.

Removing stuff like un-closed or improperly closed tags, errant spaces and old ‘commented out’ copy is good practice. While you’re at it, tidy up your .css. As a rule, beautiful code makes search engines happy.

Here’s a link to where you’ll find a load of useful free web-based tools to help you clear up your website’s act. It only takes a few seconds per page so as housework goes, it’s pretty easy. If you’re a bloke and housekeeping doesn’t appeal, think of it like sorting out the shed!