DIY SEO – here’s what you can achieve

DIY SEO? The proof is in the eating

I’m pretty good at talking up DIY marketing and SEO, making website visibility sound accessible to everyone. That’s my job. But can I actually prove that it works? Thankfully, yes.  When I set up my new freelance copywriting website back in spring 2006 it had no profile, no page rank, few visitors and was virtually invisible to search engines.

At first I was so busy working that I did very little online marketing, not getting my act together ’til late 2007. But a steady drip-feed of marketing initiatives – one small thing a day – ever since has had the desired effect. A year later:

  • A quick search on Google shows my site returned 5th on page one of Google UK for searches on both ‘freelance copywriting’ and ‘freelance copywriter’
  • My site has a respectable page rank of 4, as does this blog
  • I’m getting about 1500 unique visitors a month, enough of whom convert to customers to keep me extremely busy and very happy.

Which is exactly what I was aiming for.

Update November 2009 – is number 2 on page 1 of Google for both ‘freelance copywriting’ and ‘freelance copywriter’, and has been for some time. Now and again I creep up to number one on page 1 of Google.

Update 2015 – These days  page 1 position is a huge challenge, as rare as hens’ teeth. I haven’t been on page 1 for any of my keyterms for ages. Luckily I’ve been in business long enough to have more than enough work, where most of my new business comes through Twitter / word of mouth.