Ditch poor content for better rankings?

Does Google penalise poor quality content?

Nobody really knows exactly what Google’s algorithms do. But we have a reasonable handle on why they do it. It’s all about quality. With a very strong consumer focus.

What happens when some areas of your site are better than others?

Some SEOs think the smallest speck of sub-standard content has a detrimental effect. Which isn’t really a surprise when you think about it. The internet’s growing more or less exponentially. Competition is getting fiercer by the minute. More and more of us are getting to grips with SEO. And Google is probably having to drill down to the finest detail these days to deliver meaningful relative rankings.

The smallest glitch couldmake a minor difference. Who knows. But add enough minor differences together and you’ve got a problem. It’s well worth winkling out the weak bits of your site and ditching or improving them. Make a diary note to clean up once a quarter.

Clean up your website content

  • rewrite badly written, SEO unfriendly, out of date  or boring copy
  • format your content properly
  • get rid of duplicate content
  • replace poor quality images
  • use sensible url and file naming protocols
  • clear up visual clutter
  • check your meta data
  • tidy your code and make sure it still complies with web standards
  • check accessibility