Direct response? Keep it tidy

It’s tempting to include every little detail up front on your website’s home page. But it’s best to focus hard on your core message and cover the fine detail elsewhere.    

Why?  Because it’s your home page’s job to inspire people to respond – find out more, ask questions, contact you or buy from you – not deliver War & Peace in one hit. That’s why intelligent, carefully considered index page content is so important.

How to write the perfect home page

  • it should explain the benefits of what you do or sell clearly
  • it should satisfy search engines’ needs
  • and it should encourage sales by inspiring visitors to venture deeper into your site

The same goes for direct mail letters and email campaigns

Less is more. Be ruthless when you’re creating a direct mail or email campaign too. If you drown your sales message in detail you’ll lose readers’ attention. You stand a much better chance of getting a positive response when you go in hard with a short, powerful message rather than waffling on.