Digital Marketing Strategy Made Super-Simple

Digital marketing can be complicated. It can be hard to get your head around exactly what you’re aiming for. I like to keep things simple. So what do you get when you strip all the fancy bits off?

The simplest way to look at digital marketing

At its simplest digital marketing, like all marketing, means getting people to remember your business. You want to stick in a person’s head until the next time they’re in a buying situation, in the hope they’ll buy from you instead of someone else.
The more frequently and positively you bring your business to your audience’s attention, the more likely it is that they’ll come find you when they need the stuff you sell.
Slashing and burning your way through the marketing bullshit forest brings clarity. You know exactly what your task is, and it’s lovely and simple: make everything you do interesting, relevant and memorable and your audience will respect, trust and remember you.

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