Digital Marketing Agency? Here's How We'll Work Together

If you’re a digital marketing agency looking for a professional, creative, experienced, SEO / marketing-savvy freelance content writer, that’s me. Here’s how my clients and I work together.

Clear, simple protocols – Professional content creation

The quote

You ask me for a quote based on the amount of content you need and the format you need it in: for example 10 x 700 word blog posts, a twenty page website, three 1200 word landing pages… you get the picture. And you let me know the deadline.
Unless the deadline is crazy, I’ll be able to meet it. I have regular content creation projects that run month on month, and I slot ad hoc projects in between. I can usually kick off a project within two weeks of getting the go-ahead, often less.
If you think my quote is fair and you’re happy with the timing, we’re ready to go. I’ll diary the project and confirm everything by email. You’ll get your first draft copy on the day, on the dot.

The brief

You brief me with details of the project. This might include:

  • The target audience
  • Keyword research
  • Audience intent
  • A sample page or screen shot of the design
  • Tone of voice / brand

Having said that, I’m used to working to a very basic brief if that’s all you’ve got. 25 years in the marketing sector means I’m qualified to fill in the gaps. Between us, we’ll rinse it.

Draft copy

I’ll send you draft copy on the day it’s due. If you’d like me to change anything that’s fine, in with the price. I reckon I take copy to D2 about three quarters of the time, the rest fits the bill at first draft. Things very rarely go to D3.
If and when you have feedback, I’ll let you know the date the next draft will be with you. I take feedback in writing, you simply jot down notes in the document and send it back.


I can send you an invoice straight away if you like, as soon as the project is complete, or send it at the end of the month. It’s up to you.

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