Danger: beware of cowboy copywriters

“OK, my copy’s difficult to read. But it works brilliantly for search engines”, I read on someone’s blog.

What an idiot.

A proper copywriter will create smooth, flowing, beautifully written website copy. They’ll include key words and phrases subtly so they enhance the power of your copy.

Effective, naturally optimised website copy is readable and human. You can’t see the joins. Whereas you’d seriously injure yourself tripping over the search terms that this twit probably crowbars in.

Cowboy copywriters don’t take sales into account. Traffic is meaningless unless some of it converts. You can have a million visitors but just because they turn up, it doesn’t mean they’ll buy from you.

Cowboy copywriters don’t drive sales

If you want sales, your site must be well designed, clearly written and easy to understand. There are loads of wannabee website copywriters out there but it isn’t a job for the faint hearted or inexperienced. If in doubt ask your copywriter to write you a free sample paragraph before letting them anywhere near your website!