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A month off and I’m feeling refreshed, ready to dive into copywriting and content creation again. But before I do, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to during August.
My landscape paintings are just landscapes. You can see some of them here. But my 3D work is all about creating ‘fantastic’ images that inspire people to weave their own tall tales. Whether it’s something made from fabric, stone or mixed media, I like to think the result intrigues the viewer and sets them off on a voyage into the imagination. Here are three of them.

Diorama – The Hoarder

I’ve been making curiosity cabinets, tableaux and diorama for years. I started making this one in 2014, set in a 14 inch perspex cube, and it started life as something quite simple called ‘Nest’. But I couldn’t resist embellishing it with a load of ‘found objects’, many of which I sourced in a friends’ woodland where there’s a well-stocked midden. See below.
You can see more of my diorama here.

Totem pole carving

I intended to make an entire totem pole for the garden, carving animals, insects and flowers out of Celcon building blocks. A madly over-ambitious goal, as it turned out. I’ve carved the top figure for the totem and still have five to go. Here it is, before and after sealing/ painting. And yes, they are pink bollocks… of which every self-respecting totem pole devil cat deserves a decent pair! See below.

Luscious bed throw

I’ve also been busy making this bed throw for the spare room, using two unwanted duvet covers as a canvas, sewn back-to-back. I’ve embellished it with vintage folk art embroidery squares and scraps of fabric, all attached with fabric glue and enhanced with wash-proof glitter glues and craft paints. Not quite finished yet… I still have some fine-tuning and lily-gilding to do yet. See below.

Back to copywriting work on 1st September 2015

After a creative and relaxing break, ‘real’ life resumes on 1st September. Having said that, I’m fully booked for content creation projects – which is storytelling of a different kind – until October…
The Hoarder 2The Hoarder 1 - dioramaUnpainted Celcon block totem carvingcarved totem pole animal - devil cathand-embroidered bed throw

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