Create user friendly, plain language T&C

Did you know plain language terms & conditions are a legal requirement in the UK?

Are your T&Cs written in plain English?

In Britain T&C must be written in simple language that people can understand, not legalese. Check yours if you’ve:

  • bought a ready built site complete with terms & conditions
  • bought standard ’boilerplate’ T&C for your site
  • downloaded free T&C wording for your site
  • had your T&C written by a solicitor

Granted, very few people read T&C. They just tick the ‘yes’ box and proceed. But if a customer can prove your T&C are difficult to understand you could find yourself in trouble if there’s a dispute… without a legal leg to stand on.
Terms and conditions are for your customers’ and your benefit, designed to keep things equitable for everyone concerned. The litmus test? If you can’t understand your own T&C, they probably need rewriting! The meaning, context and content should remain exactly the same. The only thing that should change is the way the information is expressed.