Crap Gadgets? Not These Two!

Gadgets. By definition they’re meant to be useful, saving us time, effort or cash. But a lot of the time they’re fairly useless.

If, like me, you’ve spent many years and pounds searching for the perfect floor cleaning gadget, you’ll know most of the innovations on the market are a bit rubbish. It’s actually faster and easier to use an old-school mop and bucket. Some designs can’t be improved. They’re perfect.

When a gadget turns out to be properly useful, properly handy, it stands out like a sore thumb. Here are two gadgets that really have changed my life for the better.

The Morphy Richards cordless SuperVac

I admit it. I have a hoover fetish. Over the years I have probably spent fortunes in search of the perfect hoover.

Ordinary Dysons are too heavy as well as too costly, so I soon gave up on them. Cordless Dysons are so expensive it makes my eyes bleed, so they’re a non-starter. Most battery operated cordless hoovers don’t suck very hard and the batteries soon die down at maximum power. And while I love our Henry, the house we’re in now is too up-and-down, too higgledy piggledy for a plug-in hoover, with far too many stairs to lug him up and down and a multitude of trip hazards along the way.

Enter the brilliant Morphy Richards cordless SuperVac, a small yet mighty machine that’s a huge pleasure to use with impressive levels of suck. It’s tiny. It’s easy to carry and store. It does the job in no time. And it’s highly effective at picking up ordinary dirt. These days the Henry only comes out once a quarter, to give the place a deep spring clean-type blast.

The dazzlingly good Nicer Dicer from Genius

A fantastically useful German food preparation gadget, the Nicer Dicer has revolutionised life in our kitchen. Don’t get me wrong – I actively enjoyed chopping veg by hand, with a knife. It was a chilled thing to do, calm and contemplative. But it took ages, and in my world life’s too precious to waste on cutting up food.

This gadget really does save time. Lots of time. Better still it’s really good quality, sturdy and well made. This is not a shiny new thing that promises miracles then disappoints. It delivers.

All you do is fit the cutting lid on top of a clear plastic box, a lid containing blades that cut veg into a choice of handy chunks. The blade fittings come in various shapes and cut effortlessly, being extremely sharp. It’s crazy-easy to keep clean. And we actually use it almost every night, unlike the sad collection of ghostly gadgets that linger in our ‘useless gadget’ drawer, waiting to be repatriated to the tip.

Has a gadget changed your world recently?

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