Copywriting: Why great content is only half the business battle

Everyone’s always on about good content. We all know quality content keeps search engines happy and gives birth to useful back links without a whiff of black hat SEO. Yup, it’s the righteous way to do web stuff. But what about the money bit? 

Because it helps position your business as an industry or sector expert and build your brand, quality site content encourages consumer trust and drives more sales / higher value sales.

What about quality content elsewhere?

Your website is only half the story. Every time you communicate with your prospects or customers whether it’s through Twitter, direct mail, PayPerClick, email marketing or a postcode-driven leaflet campaign, quality has a positive impact.

Inconsistent quality is just as damaging as poor quality because it puts the customer in the uncomfortable position of not really knowing what kind of animal you are – a position more or less guaranteed to send most people screaming out of the metaphorical door!

Here’s a quick five minute brain dump of things you need a freelance copywriter for. Someone who’ll make sure your brand’s voice and tone are consistent, intelligent and persuasive right across the board, whoever you’re talking to.

How a copywriting pro can help you achieve quality

  • email marketing campaigns, teasers, follow ups, reminders, alerts, error messages and auto-responder messages
  • automated printed covering letters and communications across all departments from accounts to legal, customer service and complaints
  • printed leaflets, postcards, fliers, corporate and sales brochures
  • invoicing, buying and credit control communications
  • fulfilment materials
  • T&C, Agreements and Contracts
  • cross selling and up-selling campaigns
  • product descriptions and reviews
  • web page meta titles and meta descriptions
  • special offers
  • press releases
  • blog posts
  • regular pages and landing pages
  • articles and white papers
  • ebooks and free give-aways
  • external and internal training materials
  • banner ads, print ads, advertorial
  • video and radio scripts
  • direct mail
  • social media marketing
  • internal staff communications
  • newsletters and news flashes
  • your intranet