Copywriting: What’s the one thing you want people to remember?

Most of us have the attention span of a gnat. Or a fish

Unless we’re deep into a novel we tend to scan things rather than read every word. We might register basic concepts, propositions and ideas. But only if they stand out. Which is why getting the core focus of a piece of written communication right is vital. Whether it’s a short product description or a blog post, an article or a web page.

If you’re having trouble establishing the focus of a piece of copy, it helps to take a step back. Ask yourself: What is the single most important thing that I want people to remember about this communication?

Once you’re crystal clear about exactly what you want people to take on board you can cut out all the fluff, make it integral to your proposition and focus your call to action firmly on it. It also helps to put subsequent important points in priority order. Then you can give them the appropriate weight within the copy.