Copywriting Services for Marketing Agencies

It’s time for an announcement: from now on I’m providing my copywriting and content creation service exclusively to digital marketing agencies.
I’ve been working with more and more marketing agencies over the past couple of years and it’s such a pleasure. At the moment I’m writing regularly for five different digital marketing agencies, busy providing ‘white label’ content for their clients.
I always get a good brief, whether long or short. They’re always happy to pay a decent going rate. They know how to give feedback and understand the editing process. And they’re steeped in best digital marketing practice, which means I’m on home territory, able to ask vital questions and get fast, appropriate answers. In other words, we speak the same language.
I’m keeping my lovely business-owning and corporate clients, of course. No sackings and no carnage! I’m here for them until they decide to walk into the sunset of their own accord. I am not someone who lets people down.

Are you an agency? Do you need a freelance writer?

I’m fully booked right now, absolutely stuffed ’til mid October. If you’re a digital marketing agency in need of an SEO, direct marketing and content creation-savvy freelance writer from then onwards, I’m your lady. Use my contact form or give me a call on 07976 737243 about my agency copywriting service.

  • No contract, no strings – I’m here when you need me
  • No fuss – I’m fast and efficient, well organised and wholly professional
  • Fair rates for expert content creation, with monthly invoicing
  • 25 years’ experience in direct marketing, the past ten spent as a freelance writer
  • Familiar with current content optimisation best practice
  • A good working knowledge of keyword research (although I don’t provide it)
  • A broad understanding of how the digital marketplace works
  • Plenty of creative flair
  • Loads of business experience – a marketing career involving everything from start-ups to SMEs to blue chips


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