Cool things to do with your in-house mailing list

You’ve got an in-house customer and prospect mailing list created automatically by your ecommerce system, plus an automatic autoresponder and email marketing facility. Or you’ve built your own database by hand using something like Excel. So what do you do with it?

15 uses for an in-house mailing list

Here are a few sensible ideas to start you off creating positive, lucrative relationships with your customers and prospects.

  1. thank customers for their last order and make them an offer they can’t resist
  2. send a short questionnaire or survey (using free survey software if you need it) that’ll deliver commercially useful feedback – people love being asked questions about themselves, their opinions and buying habits
  3. encourage your hottest prospects to buy with a tightly targeted special offer
  4. touch base with a newsletter
  5. ask your prospects for an honest answer about why they haven’t bought from you yet – and act on their feedback. Honesty is compelling and increases trust in your brand
  6. send them something free
  7. invite them to contribute to your blog
  8. send season’s greetings
  9. carry out an event-led campaign
  10. celebrate a year, or two, three or five, since they first ordered from you
  11. tell them about new services or products
  12. inform them you’re having a sale
  13. provide discount codes or money off vouchers
  14. encourage them to enter a competition
  15. ask for testimonials

Don’t forget to communicate with your customers and prospects separately – from a marketing perspective they’re very different animals. And don’t overdo it. You’re a consumer too, so ask yourself how often you’d appreciate getting marketing stuff and act accordingly.