Conversion analysis – good copy converts visitors to buyers

Too many people forget that visitors aren’t customers. You can attract a million visitors a day but if none of them buy, what’s the point?

Keep your eye on conversion levels

Direct marketers have used conversion analysis to maximise sales for decades. Online marketers are starting to catch on, realising there’s a lot more to money-spinning commercial content than keywords. And that visitors are bugger-all use unless they spend money. If you want hard working SEO friendly copy with a big commercial punch, include key words and phrases so search engines get the picture. But also make sure your site content:

  • is intelligent, interesting and relevant
  • is marketing-led, constructed to drive visitors to convert
  • is easy to read, written in plain language
  • is formatted for fast scanning – most people don’t read websites, they scan them for the bits they’re most interested in
  • is properly punctuated
  • includes a strong call to action in an appropriate place
  • includes a choice of ways to respond