Company description mystifies readers

I’ve just read four chunky paragraphs of copy about a company on a prestigious directory website… but 350 words later I still don’t have a clue what services or products they deal in.   

Be clear about what your business does up front

I know that whatever they do, it’s apparently ‘excellent’. Their staff are experts in the field, whatever it might be. They are reliable and trustworthy. They’re local.

They allegedly combine their expertise, experience and energy so every client receives close personal and professional attention. They’re 100%  responsive. They give competent advice, so much so that client referrals have fuelled their growth.

They say their talents are incredibly diverse. And they’ve earned the respect of the business community.

All of which is brilliant stuff… or it would be if they’d remembered to tell people  what they do. They could be farmers, porn stars, web designers, estate agents or book publishers. Who knows.

The lesson: remember the bare basics. As well as waxing lyrical about your business, make sure you’ve answered the whats, wheres, for whoms, whys and hows!