Common sense timing gives your marketing an edge

A few useful hints and tips about marketing timing

In the UK, marketing during August is usually fairly hopeless. School’s out and most people are on holiday at some point or other during the month. Wait ’til things perk up in September.

Unless you’re selling seasonal stuff Marketing in December tends to suffer poor response rates because your message gets lost in the retail frenzy. And most people put non-christmas decision making off until the new year. 2009? Wait until January 5th and you should be free and clear.

If you’re sending a B2B email campaign, press the button after lunch and later in the week. People are much more receptive when they’ve eaten and the weekend’s within sniffing distance. Email an offer first thing Monday morning at your peril!

For the same reason B2B snail mail direct marketing works best when it lands late in the week. B2C direct mail performs well when it drops on doormats at the weekend when consumers are chilled and have time to look at your offer.

Having said all that, SEO is different. There’s no reason why you should have a month off promoting your website just because the world’s on holiday or stuffing itself with turkey. The internet doesn’t care.