Comment spam – Is it worth opening your blog to discussion?

Is your blog open for sensible discussion or spammed into submission?

I usually close my blog to comments. But every now and again I flick the switch just in case anyone has anything interesting, sensible or relevant to say.

Comment spam tsunami?

Last time I threw open the doors a river of spam flooded through. And kept on flowing. So, two weeks later, I slammed the doors shut again. Trawling through – and deleting – hundreds of bits of half-arsed comment spam per day isn’t my idea of a good time. More like a waste of time. Especially when I do a quick calculation about how long it takes to deal with it (ages) versus the benefits of being spammed to death (none).

When real people make real comments and you start a meaningful dialogue, you can attract valuable inbound links. But comment spam is no use to anyone. It’s meaningless rubbish and you don’t want to award links to the lazy, shiftless buggers who deluge your blog with it. Luckily a good blog has a positive effect on SEO whether or not you allow comments. If your readers like it enough, it’ll still attract lots of lovely inbound links from cool places.

There’s no rule that says you have to open your blog to comments. If you can’t stand the spam heat, it’s perfectly OK to get out of the kitchen.